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Welcome to MyColLife, the world’s first Student Social Network and Social Relationship Management (SRM) service.

MyColLife is the world’s first educational platform, combining College and Career Planning, Social Network and Social Relationship Management (SRM) exclusively for students. The solution is positioned to offer the 3.3 million students entering higher education and the 32 million existing Higher Ed students the tools, resources and services using a comprehensive student centered platform, enabling the students to make informed decisions and map out their degree and career goals. These services include, personality assessment (Carl Jung, Myers Briggs and Holland Code), degree and college selection, student networking, and group learning. Features also include access to college resources (student portal, academic support, instructional technology), and collaboration with companies and recruiters.

  • MyColLife Vision

    Imagine every student getting an education based on their personality, goals, budget, and desires using student social engagement and collaborative learning to land their dream college experience and career.

  • MyColLife Mission

    Provide technology services that empower students to plan, prepare and engage in accomplishing their educational and career goals.

    When students join MyColLife, they get to create their student portfolio, achieve STEM growth through collaboration, access to fellow students, smart scholarships, student Wiki, career planning and much more.

What Is MyColLife ?


A four step technology solution for students

Step1: Student Portfolio Management

Plan, build and maintain your student portfolio using a comprehensive student centered technology, where you can identify your personality profile, map out your degree and career goals.

Step2: Connect. Find. Be Discovered.

Build your collegiate identity online and stay connected with others using the MyColLife Social Network Dashboard. MyColLife brings the power of social networking to encourage student social engagement, peer to peer review, group learning and STEM growth.

Step3: Collaborate. Learn. Share.

MyColLife brings to you a suite of tools, resources and services to help you succeed in your college experience by using the Social Relationship Management (SRM) technology.

Step4: Secure Your Future

MyColLife provides students with the necessary tools and services to showcase their best work and connect with companies and recruiters.

Mobile App

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Features Include:
Your student portfolio services, college/career portal and much more.

Our Team

  • Company Info

    MyColLife started out in the living room of founder and architect Sam Kann in 2011, and it officially launched on August 16th, 2014. The company's management team is made up of CEO, CBDO, CIO and an advisory board. MyColLife has a diversified business model with revenues coming from college, university, trade school, company and recruiter subscriptions, advertising sales, and talent solutions. For more information, please drop us a note to info@mycollife.com. Members of the media may direct inquiries to press@mycollife.com.

  • Sam Kann

    Founder and CEO

  • Dr. Floyd Carroll

    Chief Business Development Officer

  • Navine Sebastian

    Chief Information officer

  • MyColLife Advisory Board

  • Bill Waas

    Information Technology & STEM

  • Hap Aziz

    Instructional Technology

  • Judy Bookhamer

    Student Counseling

  • Richard Gordon

    Veterans Affairs

  • Brian R. King

    Disabilities & Accommodations

  • Robyn D Shulman

    Higher Education Journalism and Media

Awards and Recognitions


Since 2014

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  • 1776 - One of the Hottest Educational Platforms

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  • 2015 Chicago Innovation Awards Nomination

  • 2014 Schwartz Tech Innovator of the Year Nomination

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  • Positive Impact Radio Award Nomination

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Testimonials and Endorsements

  • William R. Waas
    Chairman & CEO
    Illinois Technology Foundation

    MyColLife.com is a world class online resource for students, parents and school counselors interested helping to define a student’s career direction. The application is very robust, taking the student from career assessment, finding the right job and identifying education alternatives. It is a must have application for all school counselors. And in this time of tight budgets, it is free to use.

  • Brian R. King, LCSW
    Productivity Coach, Brian R. King International

    MyColLife.com is an online resource that is positioned to reinvent the college experience, including for those students with disabilities. It's the most comprehensive database of colleges and their offerings that I've ever seen.

  • Dan Busby
    Director of Development at Pathway to Adventure Council, BSA

    MyColLife is a highly practical, user-friendly tool that helps guide students towards careers that they will find fulfilling. MyColLife provides the resources that allows students to conduct self-analysis and career exploration with assistance from professionals and parents or independently. I was pleasantly surprised by MyColLife’s allowance for the user to build a personal portfolio of credentials and experiences. In my 20 plus years of youth development I have never seen a comparable service for students. My sincere congratulations to Sam Kann and the entire MyColLife team on developing such an innovative strategy to assist students at such a transformational time in their lives!

  • Robyn D Shulman, M.Ed.
    Managing Editor,
    ED News Daily

    For the past 17 years, I have worked in the education field. I taught public elementary school for 6 years and worked in higher education for the past 10 years. In addition, I have supported thousands of graduate students with a focus on academic and career services. Synchronous with the Edtech movement, I began to write for various educational publications. Due to my background and media presence, hundreds of Edtech companies routinely ask me to review their products and services. MyColLife is the first and only educational service that I have ever endorsed. I found it is the only holistic resource that can benefit every type of student, including, but not limited to the potential undergraduate, veterans, graduate students and career changers. MyColLife begins with self-analysis, moves into occupation recommendations and provides higher education suggestions based on personalized student need. It also provides financial information as well as scholarship suggestions (which is quite challenging to find). All along, students can connect with other students, learn from various articles offered by thought leaders in their field and build an online portfolio to showcase work. As a fully encompassing tool, students can also apply for jobs specific to their niche and connect with companies-all within the same space. Sam Kann and the MyColLife team have developed a resource that is unparalleled to any other product or resource in the Edtech world. I highly recommend MyColLife, as it is a global game-changer in education.

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