Some Quick Tips To Improve Your Reading Comprehension


  • Read early in the day: This will allow you to concentrate and retain more information than studying later at night when you may be tired.  When tired, your concentration and comprehension will decrease.
  • Read for short burst: Try read for 35 to 40 minutes at a time and then take a short break.  If you have this as your reading goal it can serve as a motivator in trying to really focus on the material at hand.  Try to make these “burst” quality reading time.
  • Find a quiet location: Try to avoid your residence hall room on campus as well as the lounge.  There are too many distractions there that are not conducive for quality reading.
  • Monitor your comprehension: Ask yourself every once in a while, “What have I learned?”  If you are having trouble answering this, then re-read the material, ask a classmate, or ask the professor for some clarification.
  • Annotate!  Be sure to underline, circle or make general notes in the margins.  Create your own guide to distinguish between important terms or information you need to further clarify.
  • Try skimming the chapter first: Take a look at the title page, preface, subtitles, the introduction and the chapter summary before reading the entire chapter.
  • Remember: College Textbooks are designed to help you by proving:
  2. Italicized
  3. Bold Words
  4. List of Main Points
  5. Repetition of information

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