What is a Degree Audit?

DegreeAuditLogo_rgbDegree Audit

A degree audit is a computer-generated analysis that enables the student and his/her adviser to assess the student’s academic progress and unfulfilled baccalaureate, associate degree, or minor requirements. The audit is a valuable tool for academic planning and course selection, because it matches the courses that the student has taken with the requirements of his/her degree program or anticipated program.

Audits are available for anyone who has enrolled for credit as an undergraduate and has at least one graded semester record in most cases (situations differ based on institutions.) This includes undergraduate students in any classification (degree, degree-seeking provisional, or non-degree) and former students.


When reviewing an audit, the student should consult with an adviser for several reasons. If the audit identifies unfulfilled requirements, there are often several alternatives for satisfying these requirements. The student and adviser should discuss which courses to schedule based on the student’s abilities, interests, and plans. Advising may also be helpful in determining the best combinations of courses to schedule each semester in order to meet requirements. In addition, advising is necessary because changes to the student’s audit may be appropriate. (For example, when a course transfers from another institution and does not have an equivalent Penn State course, it is listed on the audit as an elective. When reviewed, it may be found to meet a degree requirement.)

The degree audit is not the student’s official University academic record. The transcript is the official record of completed work.


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