Scholarships: Military dependents


Are you or your spouse in the military? Do you have a family member that was a veteran of a foreign war? If so, there are scholarships available in these specific categories.

State Provided Education Benefits

Educational benefits for families, particularly the children of deceased, MIA, POW, and disabled veterans, may be available in some states. has developed an on-line general summary of educational benefits for veterans, surviving spouses and their dependents.

Click here to learn more about State Education Benefits.

Private Scholarships and Grants

While looking for money for school many surviving spouses and their families overlook the over $300 million of military – and veteran – related scholarships and grants. These scholarships often go unclaimed.

Visit’s Scholarship Finder today and get started.

Local Scholarships

Also, don’t neglect to search in your military community. Many service aid organizations and associations, like the Navy Marine Corps Relief Society, offer scholarships, grants, and low interest loans to help cover education expenses.


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