MyColLife Announces the Release of Version 3.0

indexAnnounces the Release of V3.0

Chicago, IL – MyColLife is pleased to announce the release of V3.0, which will be for the use of students, parents, guidance counselors, districts, high schools, community-based organizations veterans etc. The technology is available to all for educational & career planning, and provides, student empowerment, social engagement and mentoring. The technology is free and currently available to all for use.  Sign Up

What is included in version 3.0:

  • MyColLife Parent Portal (New)

Parents would be able to engage with students regarding their college finances, student degree audit, administrative communication etc.

  • Improved High School and College communication channel

Student would be able to manage their high school, college and other professional contacts. Using this channel you would be able to communicate, socially engage, share pertinent documents etc.

  • MyColLife Active job listing

Besides access to thousands of jobs associated with your career/program of study that are reported by US labor department, you now have access to jobs within your geo location that are based on your career and field of study.

  • Veterans Personality Profile and College Prep enhancements

MyColLife is very passionate about Veterans and have developed a seamless and user friendly technology environment for personality profile, college/career planning and transition to careers based on your veteran profile.

  • Digital Badge technology for High School Students

MyColLife is happy to inform that in FALL of 2015, we will be releasing five digital badges for high school students and college freshmen’s. Student would be able to link their respective digital badges (awards) to other social networks, Mozilla foundation, digital resume etc.

  • User Opt Out feature from data sharing

Privacy is very important to MyColLife, and as part of its V3.0 release you now have the option to opt out from data sharing.

  • Overall website standardization and special needs accessibility

Accessibility by all in need for education, self-improvement and upward mobility is very important to MyColLife and its vision. As part of this effort the new V3.0 release is now capable of providing accessibility to special need students.

  • Mobile app for IPhone and Android

We are thrilled to release MyColLife mobile app as part of V3.0. The mobile app is now available on both ITunes and Google Play.

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What is MyColLife:
MyColLife is the world’s first educational platform, combining College and Career Planning, Social Network and Social Relationship Management (SRM) exclusively for students. The solution is positioned to offer the 3.3 million students entering higher education and the 32 million existing Higher Ed students the tools, resources and services using a comprehensive student centered platform, enabling the students to make informed decisions and map out their degree and career goals. These services include, personality assessment (Holland Code), degree and college selection, student networking, and group learning. Features also include access to college resources (student portal, academic support, instructional technology), and collaboration with companies and recruiters.


MyColLife is a highly practical, user-friendly tool that helps guide students towards careers that they will find fulfilling. MyColLife provides the resources that allows students to conduct self-analysis and career exploration with assistance from professionals and parents or independently. I was pleasantly surprised by MyColLife’s allowance for the user to build a personal portfolio of credentials and experiences. In my 20 plus years of youth development I have never seen a comparable service for students. My sincere congratulations to Sam Kann and the entire MyColLife team on developing such an innovative strategy to assist students at such a transformational time in their lives!

Dan Busby
Director of Development at Pathway to Adventure Council,
Boys Scouts of America – Chicago, IL is a world class online resource for students, parents and school counselors interested helping to define a student’s career direction. The application is very robust, taking the student from career assessment, finding the right job and identifying education alternatives. It is a must have application for all school counselors. And in this time of tight budgets, it is free to use.

William R. Waas
Chairman & CEO
Illinois Technology Foundation

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