Campus Resources for International Students

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Life at a U.S. College


Beginning your college life in the United States can be a big adjustment. But chances are, your school has a variety of resources available to help ease your transition— academically, culturally, and socially. Here are some to check out.

International Student Office

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Your school’s international student office (ISO) should be one of your first stops as you get acclimated to campus. Advisers there will be able to help you with visa and immigration issues, and can connect you with other school resources, too.

Your Professors


In the United States, professors often encourage interaction with their students. Don’t be afraid to participate in class and take advantage of your professors’ office hours. The one-on-one setting will allow you to ask questions or simply get to know your instructors.

Your Academic Adviser

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Many U.S. colleges allow students to register for elective courses to broaden their education, regardless of their majors. Meet with your academic adviser to ensure you stay on track to complete your major while pursuing your other academic interests.

The Counseling Center


It’s normal to experience feelings of stress, culture shock, and isolation as a new college student in the United States. But you don’t have to handle them alone. Take advantage of counseling services, a common resource used by American students.

The Writing Center

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Sure, you took the TOEFL, but writing in English still might seem tricky. Utilize your school’s writing center, where other students can help you perfect your grasp of English grammar, research paper structure, and more.

The Career Services Center


International students don’t typically have the same employment options as their domestic peers, but the career services center at your school should be able to help you determine what jobs or internships you are eligible for.

The Legal Services Center


Whether you run into legal trouble or are simply curious about U.S. laws, stop by your school’s legal services center. Officials there may be able to help you understand anything from immigration issues to underage drinking restrictions in the United States.

The Student Union

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One of the fastest ways to feel at home in a college community is to make new friends. Surround yourself with peers at the student union, a universal gathering spot for college kids. Try to branch out from students from your home country to get a feel for all that your new community has to offer.

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