Applications & Mock Interviews


Description: This is a application and interview practice forum for Grades: 9–12. practice completing a job application and participate in a mock interview.


  1. Examine the “Dos and Don’ts” of completing a job application
  2. Exhibit appropriate behavior during a mock job interview


  1. Job Application printable (PDF) from Spell Well! 50 Quick, Fun-Filled Ways to Help Students of All Learning Styles Masters Their Spelling Words and/or a variety of job applications from various local businesses.
  2. Career Portfolios and Resumes from Lesson One
  3. Writing paper/pencils
  4. Chart paper
  5. Transparency of a job application
  6. Overhead Projector
  7. Interview Questions Printable (PDF)

Set Up and Prepare (min of two on a team to a max of four on a team for group study sessions)

  1. Copy the Job Application (printable) and/or collect a variety of job applications from various local businesses. Make sure the applications are blank.
  2. Make sure to do this study in a group of four (max).
  3. Inform other students or team members in your group that they will be involved in mock job interviews on a specified date, encouraging each to dress appropriately for the mock job interview event.
  4. On a chart paper or transparency, write the following journal prompts for Part II:
    • Describe five ideas, accomplishments, strengths, skills, or personal qualities that you think would best “sell” yourself to an employer.
    • What are your personal skills and abilities, and how do they relate to a particular job? Write about specific examples of how you have used them.
    • What are your weaknesses, and what steps are you taking to improve them?
    • Describe your ideal work environment, which may include the kinds of companies and their philosophies, physical environment, types of people with who you work, amount of supervision, and types of responsibilities.
    • Describe your educational background. How is it relevant to your desired job?
  5. Write the following Job Acquisition Descriptions on chart paper for Part II:A. JOB AVAILABLE: Typist
    EXPERIENCE: Office assistant at local high school
    SKILLS: Typing, 60 wpm
    EDUCATION: Business certificate

    B. JOB AVAILABLE: Sales/Inventory Clerk
    EXPERIENCE: Wal-Mart cashier and stock person
    SKILLS: Good communicator, cash register operator
    EDUCATION: High School Diploma

    C. JOB AVAILABLE: Mechanic trainee
    EXPERIENCE: Mechanic for Reliable Auto
    SKILLS: Capable of completely overhauling or rebuilding most car engines
    EDUCATION: Certificate in Auto Mechanics



Step 1: Introduce this lesson to your group (if its a group study). Complete the application as though you were applying for a job right now. If you have a job, you may use that as a reference. If not, ask everyone to think about where they would like to work. Encourage each other to use the information from your resumes and career portfolios that would help out.

Step 2: Collect the applications. Assemble in their small groups (max of four if a group study). Redistribute the applications randomly, asking each team to critique them. The team should generate a list of positive aspects and suggestions for improvement for each application.

Step 3: Upon completion, ask each team to share their lists. Generate a discussion of common errors and ways to improve. Using the transparency, model a complete application. Make sure each student on the team understand the following list of “dos and don’ts.”


  • Read the form thoroughly so that you put relevant information in appropriate sections
  • Follow the instructions accurately (e.g. ink color, continuation sheets, block capitals)
  • Answer the questions with evidence from your experience which demonstrates you
  • Know what job involves
  • Keep a copy of your form so that you can use it to prepare for an interview or complete other forms
  • Write using active words and I/Me statements
  • Put a positive emphasis on your experiences


  • Leave any sections blank
  • Write illegibly or cross things out
  • Fail to research the employer and the type of work for which you are applying
  • Leave gaps in your employment/study record
  • Misspell words

Step 4: Note that a standard application form is an opportunity for each students to promote their achievements, experiences, and skills. Your aim should be to make connections between what you have done (at school or in other jobs) and the employer’s description of their ideal applicant. You should provide examples of how you have used certain skills in a way that comes alive to the reader of the application. Briefly discuss appropriate ways to request an application in person or on the phone.

Step 5: Display the Job Acquisition Descriptions Chart and select an imaginary job (A, B, or C) for which you will be applying. Instruct them to complete the application using the experience, skills and education listed on the chart. You will be using this application during their mock interview process.

Distribute the blank application and Interview Questions a few days before the mock interview, allowing students (if group study) time to complete the application and practice their responses to the interview questions. Encourage the team to dress appropriately for the interview and bring their career portfolio, resume, application, and Interview Questions printable to the interview.

Step 1: Begin the mock interview by having the team quietly journal their responses to any of the five prompts listed above. When finished, discuss team responses and appropriate ways to share these responses in an interview setting. Share with the team that they will be practicing the interview process by participating in a mock interview.

Step 2: Ask students to find a partner. Each will portray an interviewer and interviewee and ask questions from their Interview Questions printable. Each team member must have their completed application, resume, career portfolio, and Interview Questions printable available. Allow time for each student or team member to role-play.

Step 3: Close the lesson by asking for volunteers to be interviewed by you in front of an audience. Allow the audience to provide positive feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Supporting All Learners

Using paired settings during the mock interview encourages all students or team members to practice in a less anxious environment.

Lesson Extensions

Encourage students or team member to compose a follow up letter to the interviewer using a word
processor. The letter should be neat, organized, grammatically correct, contain no misspellings, and be written in business format. The students should thank the employer for the interview, restate their qualifications, list their phone number and the times they may be contacted, write an appropriate closing, and sign the letter in longhand.

Conduct a Mock Interview using business representatives from the community.


  1. Complete a job application.
  2. Write a journal entry.
  3. Participate in a mock interview.


Do students or team members understand interview etiquette? Do they feel equipped to complete a resume, a job application, and participate in an interview using their career portfolio?

Assess Students or team members thru peer review

Note how the students or each team member perform in the mock interview.
Written Outcome: Evaluate the completed job application.



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