Five Interesting STEM Careers

Five Interesting STEM Careers

An education in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) offers students a bright future. This well documented and encouraged learning path holds promise for a great career in science, research, medicine, technology, and much more.

Some students may wonder which careers are hot right now in STEM. We did some research online and found several promising career paths for students who show an interest in STEM.

1) An Engineer of Almost Any Variety

The top four paying STEM careers for recent graduates are all engineering based, according to Forbes. They are, in order: petroleum, nuclear, marine, and chemical engineering. Oh, and number six on Forbes list? You got it, another form of engineering—aerospace.

Now there’s a great difference between a nuclear and a marine engineer, but nevertheless the point is the same: engineers are in great demand in most fields.

2) Information Technology and Security

Information Technology and Security

Monster and WorldWideLearn had a different take on the most popular STEM career out there. They put their belief behind information technology, with a focus on security in particular, as the number one career path. The career path is expected to enjoy a 36.5% job growth rate by 2022, according to WorldWideLearn’s research.

3) Health Practitioner

STEM Jobs listed health practitioner positions as six of its top ten jobs. Whether a surgeon, a general practitioner, or a dentist, there’s a great need for medical professionals, particularly health practitioners. Some might say that healthcare may not be the most popular STEM discussion these days, but it is one of the highest in-demand STEM sectors.

4) Software Developer

Software Developer

Another popular STEM job focuses on software development and creating the networks, systems, and applications that make our world go round. USA Today listed software development as its top career for STEM, thanks to its cushy salary and strong job growth.

5) Statistician

No one made this job cooler than Nate Silver, who successfully predicted the 2012 presidential election using data. From there, Silver paralyzed statistical analysis into his own media property. The widespread proliferation of big data creates great need for statisticians. As US News and World Report says, making decisions based on data gives the statistician the ability to play in any sector.